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A rare collection of first edition James Bond books are currently on sale and represent one of the holy grails for fans of Agent MI6.But the novels, written by Ian Fleming, don't come cheap.will set you back over $ 600,000.It would take rich Goldfinger levels for this to be a convenient buy.

A full set of first edition James Bond books has gone on sale for £ 475,000.Ten of the books include the author's personal inscriptions.

- Nick Spence (@Nickfromupnorth) February 3, 2021

The collection contains the first editions of the original 14 James Bond books by Ian Fleming, starting with Casino Royale from 1953, they even include the original dust jackets which is a rarity which makes this collection even more so.The impressive thing is that ten of the 14 books contain inscriptions from Fleming to various people, ranging from former girlfriends to professional golfers.Bookseller Dr John Atkinson helped put together the collection, which costs around US $ 613,890 in US dollars Atkinson had this to say.

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"[Fleming] knew the value of books when they were signed and he was quite parsimonious when he wrote books to people.I think it's fair to say he only wrote books to people.people he loved."

Ian Fleming's works went on to inspire one of the most enduring figures in film history, Sean Connery portrayed Bond, aka 007, in Dr.No.The franchise has been around for more than five decades, reporting billions at the box office.This makes these books quite important pieces of pop culture history.As for the registrations, Casino Royale was signed to one of Fleming's girlfriends.Atkinson had this to say to this subject.

Posted Date: 2021-02-08

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